Conflicker eye chart / Conficker eye chart, how it works?


I found a report about Conflicker eye chart and how it works. Conflicker eye chart is the easiest way to determine if your computer is infected with Conflicker worm. Basically, Conflicker eye chart consist of 2-parts... the upper portion are images from various antivirus websites while the images on the lower part are feed from various open source operating system distributions. These images are drawn directly from the six different websites to which each logo belongs. If your computer is infected with Conflicker worm or other type of malware (which are set to block access on different antivirus sites)... one of these images will not show.

The only other reasons that these images will not show is either you're image loading turned off in browser, poor internet connection OR the source of the images are currently down. Here are some websites hosting the exact same Eye Chart and which will work exactly the same way just incase you want to double check... joestewart, talkbiz, and confickerworkinggroup. Want to learn more about Conflicker Worm or widely known as April Fool's Day Virus? Click HERE.


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