I'm one of those people who never forget NBA games on my list, whatever type of console im playing with. I've been a fan of EA sports - NBA LIVE for years now but things change. Since I played 2K sports - NBA 2k9, its definitely the best NBA game on PC, PS3 and Xbox as of date. T-MAC's dunk in NBA 2K9 on the left is one of the proof. After playing NBA 2k9 for months now, the gap between the two franchises appears to be wider.

One of the best feature of NBA 2k9 is the Living Roster which enable players to constantly have the most updated rosters possible (you need to be online for this of course). The Association (counterpart of NBA live's Dynasty mode) enables you to control everything about your team, from contract signing, trades, practice schedule/priorities, and even scouting. Other GAME-MODES are Season, Playoffs, Rookie Challenge, Practice, and Situation. You can practice on tight situation like buzzer-beater and clutch time plays using the Situation mode. NBA BLACKTOP which consist of Dunk Contest, Pick-up Games, 3-pt Shootout, Game of 21 and Dunk school is also included to add more flavor on this game.

Controls are less complicated but the movements, highlights and court actions are stunning, much better compared to NBA LIVE for me. Even the court/stage layout, lighting and dynamic glow are fantastic. Using high-definition monitor, you can also notice the player's sweat dropping from their faces specially when lights are reflected on it. Each one has their own shot release, expression, and trademark moves based on the real NBA players. Wide-variety of plays, dunks, cross-over, lay-up and alley-oop spice-up every game and actions. Those are the little things that blew me away with the 2k9 graphics and features... i can't wait to see the the 2K10/2KX

Still not convinced, here's some pictures and videos taken from NBA 2K9...



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