PSP 2000 vs PSP 3000


PSP-3000 support the same games & offers the same media support as the older PSP models but Sony has upgraded the PSP 3000 with an improved LCD screen like increased color range, five times the contrast ratio, half the pixel response time to reduce ghosting and blurring effects, a new sub-pixel structure, a microphone, a new disk tray design, new button designs and logos, and anti-reflective technology to improve outdoor playability.

Silver PSP-3000 (top) compared to white PSP-2000 (bottom)

Here's the official Sony PSP-3000 versus PSP-2000 LCD comparison image

But some LCD screen problems were also found soon after PSP-3000 release. It has been shown that the new screen possesses a new horizontal subpixel structure (visible scanlines), which is thought to be the main contributing factor to the screen's scanline-like appearance. The exact cause of the interlace-style artifacts is unknown, but has been confirmed by SCEI as being an intrinsic characteristic of the new LCD panel.

PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 screen comparison, showing different subpixel structure.

Sony Japan has responded to this criticisms about visible scanlines on the new PSP-3000 systems. While Sony America is looking into the situation, Japan's statement doesn't offer much. It seems that the scanline problem is a feature of the new LCD screens. SCEI says that the "PSP-3000 has a new LCD device with vastly improved picture quality, achieving a more natural and vivid picture than older improving LCD response time to reduce ghosting, the horizontal-line phenomenon becomes more visible."

The worst news is that there's no fix. "Since this is caused by hardware characteristics, there is no plan to fix it with system software update." Looks like it's here to stay. Check SCEA statement below...

"On some occasions, scan lines may appear on scenes where brightness changes drastically, due to the hardware features of the new LCD device on PSP-3000. Installed with this new LCD device, PSP-3000 offers more natural and vibrant colors on its screen, but the scan lines have come out to be more visible as a result of improving response time to alleviate the afterimages on PSP-3000. Since this is due to hardware specification, there are no plans for a system software update concerning this issue."

By the way, keep in mind that PSP-3000 screen still has the same size with PSP-2000 ;)

The only PSP-3000 feature that caught my eyes was the new built-in microphone which can be useful to some games especially online. But here's the down side of PSP-3000 for some users when it comes to games... since PSP-3000 comes with firmware ver5.0 or higher and has a new CPU (motherboard revealed to be TA-90v2) which does not support the PRE IPL Exploit used in hacking the previous versions, you wont be able to play "homebrew" games. Homebrew refers to game-emulators or old games that came from PS1 way back up to family computer games... all this old games add more choices to gamers.

psp 2000 (top) and psp-3000 (buttom)

rear view: psp 2000 (top) and psp-3000 (buttom)

psp 2000 (top) and psp-3000 (buttom)

In my opinion, psp-3000 new features did NOT come a long way compared to PSP-2000 since all of them has a down side. About the psp-3000 new look, its like SONY just replaced PSP casing just to have a new look. Honestly, If I really want my PSP-2000 to look good and stand-out on the crowd... I wont buy a default psp-3000 case even if some people on the net already confirmed that psp-3000 case fits psp-2000. But instead, I'll get one of those clear casing (picture below).

PSP-3000 Anti-reflective technology just makes reflection lesser but still exist so I dont think its worth-it to spend more cash and take the hassle just to upgrade/exchange your psp-2000 to PSP-3000... if I were you, I'll buy "Add-on Keyboard for PSP"(picture below) instead.

"Look, who's going to play PSP while under the sun, getting a tan or while walking? ...c'mon! no one, right?? ...well unless you want to be hit by a car or truck while walking and playing PSP :D "

Crystal / Transparent Case for PSP-2000

Add-on Keyboard for PSP

Most of us use our PSP 80% of the time on a vehicle, indoors (school, home, restaurant, coffee shop) or while chillin' with our friends so Im not that die-hard fan of anti-glare feature unless they upgraded the graphics of the PSP not just the LCD display. Most gamers will appreciate PSP-3000 if SONY added right analog-stick instead of built-in microphone :(


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