Increase WIFI signal / range using Windsurfing


Increasing WIFI signal / range

One of my friend had a problem with her WIFI signal... she's experiencing a very low signal on her PC located at the 2nd flr. while the router is located at the 1st. She wanted to increase the WIFI signal without spending a lot of cash, I did some research and found a simple Do-It-Yourself thing. I was able to increase the WIFI-signal from the Router and the WIFI-reciever(LAN) as well.

Make sure you have the ff:
- Aluminum foil
- Folder (or any type of thin carton for easy cutting & bending later)
- Glue (I want a short drying period so I decided to use rugby instead)
- Scissor

Now follow the video (tutorial) below...


or try one of this vid...

video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, and video 5

I was able to increase the WIFI signal from "very low" to "good" level...
Below is my WIFI-windsurfing version.
I use Electric-fan cover as the Sattelite-dish and covered it with foil...

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