Prototype - Scan Water Tower with HELI


Have you ever played the "Prototype" game on your PC and got stuck on the mission where you need to scan an infected water tower with heli?

Here's the solution... ^^

First Solution:
-Just go to My Documents\Prototype and delete profile.bin. It just contains the settings, the next time you make a change to the game's settings and save it it'll be recreated, if you're worried about it just rename it instead of deleting it so the game doesn't find it. I guess we somehow messed up our settings after all.

*** OR ***

Second Solution:
- After install
Mouse buttons would swap around ie, assigning Right-click MB would show up as Left-Click MB.
Certain Default Key Maping for Alex, APC and Heli would be missing, eg, consume wasn't assigned a key
Can't quick-change or enter/exit units or buildings because [Press Key] would show no button to actually press and so on...
Basically, what I discovered was an issue with "older mice" with the lack of functionality screwing up the auto mapping of keys during setup, meaning some older mice, trackballs and cheap end mice don't work so well and in some cases * up the key-mapping assignments, and this applies to many older gamepads too ...
Luckily I had an MS Wireless Optical 3 button wheel mouse - I was previously using a 2 button Logitech trackball and was getting all the above - but I installed the MS Mouse, rebooted the game (after deleting the profile.bin) and everything auto-mapped as it should have from the beginning. Not many will have this problem just those using basic or older 2x button mice/trackballs ... a newer mouse or trackball with the three button+ features will fix this problem.
Hopefully that'll help whomever else is having this annoying issue.
- Basically, get yourself an up to date mouse. I just used my brother's mouse for a little while, and I've managed to do the mission with no problems, plus all the keys are mapped correctly as well.
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